The company

Continuing the tradition of the old furnace in the country, Ceipo ceramics operates in the field of terracotta for over 30 years.

Building on its long experience in working with clays handed down over the years this art to give the customer a high quality product and beauty: the handmade terracotta.

Among the finest examples of Tuscan craftsmanship, we are located in the province of Siena, in Montallese Chiusi.

The company was created and lives immersed in the Tuscan hills of Val d'Orcia, and it is the traditions of this area that inspired its products.

We produce pink-coloured handmade terracotta suitable for both interior and exterior, as well as traditional formats, meeting any special request of the customer.

All products are made from the clays of our quarry shaped by hand and baked in the fire.

Where We Are

Our headquarters:
Via Salcini - Loc. Montallese - 53043 Chiusi (SI) Italy

Office Locations:
Via Fiorentina, 5 - Loc. Montallese - 53043 Chiusi (SI) italy

How to reach us:
From the north and south, A1 Motorway exit at Chiusi-Chianciano Terme. Turn right and follow the signs to Chiusi. After 2.5 km turn left and follow the signs for Chianciano Terme and Montallese. After 6.7 km you arrive at Montallese.