Baking process

The making of real handmade terracotta has not changed for centuries, and will not change in the future because there is only one way to make the handmade terracotta. The basic material is clay that can be of various colours depending on the place where it is located and, consequently, of their physical and chemical characteristics.

The clay is mixed with water in the right proportion to be worked by hand (Ceipo dissolve the clay in water and filters it), it makes a ball after it has been dusted with sand is hand-hammered into a wooden frame that will give shape and dimension to the piece of terracotta clay; any extra clay is then removed with a wooden rod or wire.

The Ceipo terracotta is produced with filtered clay, so our pieces are free from any lumps or pebbles. When the terracotta is wet and consequently any lumps absorb water and increasing its volume due to the chipping or flaking, more or less large, that are often present on the surface of the terracotta.

Our production unit has a firing tunnel that bakes up to 1060° which ensures optimum and uniform baking clay, which increases the resistance to frost and ensures our terracotta for a worry-free pose outdoors. (FROST RESISTANCE, TEST REPORT UNI EN ISO 10545)

Stages of production

1) extraction of clay
2) addition of water and filtration of impurities
3) filter pressing to adjust the firmness of the clay and kneading
4) Creation of the ball of clay and pressed by hand inside the frame
5) natural drying
6) baking cycle up to 1060°

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